Interview Tips

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Interview Tips

Preparation is the key to successful interview and we will help you prepare for one. Clients like confident candidates!

Here are some tips for cracking interview-:

1. Extensively check out the company you are being interviewed with- Make sure you understand their brand and organisational structure.

2. Utilise social networking sites- They are the most modern way to get to know the company. Review your interviewers’ profile on LinkedIn.

3. Dress to impress- Remember we are judged on our first impression and we tend to look more confident when we are well dressed.

4. Always be on time- Punctuality is an important factor which may sound silly but recruiters notice.

5. Tell me about yourself- Start backwards with your education history until your current employment. Practice it with family and friends till you have perfected.

6. Strengths weakness and greatest achievements- Practice and make sure you'll highlight the right weaknesses. If you need advice, then speak to our consultants.

7. Stay calm- It may sound absurd during such a tense situation, however make sure you stay as calm as possible and maintain an eye contact with the interviewer.

Ask your own questions- Make sure you have few questions already prepared for yourself; this shows your interest in company.