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Our team of experts at EGROS are here to guide you on how to put your best foot forward! From finding the best and the most suited recruiters and candidates to helping you get that extra edge over your competitors by training not just individuals but also group on every arena you can imagine. We at EGROS take pride in what we do and we will help you master your skills and launch you at a level that so far you had imagined of, we will back you up to add that feather to your cap!!

A CV is only as good as what you put in it. Recruiters browsing a CV database use specialist software to search through it. If your CV or its text is formatted in a particular way then it can stop the search tool from finding certain important keywords. This is bad as it will mean that your CV will not turn up in any results, and potentially be missed by employers.

Here are a list of things that you should avoid using in your CV:
1. Underlining text
2. Italics
3. Photos
4. Excessive use of colours
5. Unusual fonts

All of the above can stop software from scanning and searching your resume and picking up searched for keywords.
1. Make the layout as attractive as possible.
2. Try to match your skills and abilities to a employers requirements.
3. Keep your CV fresh and up to date, don’t forget to add any news skills you have acquired.
Focus on describing your most relevant achievements.
Check your CV for spelling and grammar mistakes.
What formats can your CV be saved in?

You have a wide range of choices, including:
1. PDF
2. MS Word