1. Are the trainings customized as per the need of the organisation?
Fully customized content and delivery: We customize our training systems to fit your team, department, and/or your entire organization.
2.Is there any specific timing for trainings?
Flexible scheduling: We deliver single session or multiple sessions to meet your timeframes, work schedules, and employee needs/expectations.
3. How much does training cost?
Reduced overall costs: On-site is typically less expensive than sending employees off-site. In addition, on-site allows us to develop common languages and terms that reduce communication issues when your employees are back on the job.
5. Can we trust you with the secrecy of training and employee efficiency?
Confidentiality is not compromised: What happens on-site, stays on-site.
6. Will I get a job offer if I register with EGROS?
We provide opportunities within seconds: As soon as you register your CV with us we will notify you about best job opportunities available for you.